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rescue and relief more survivors are found in the rubble of port-au-prince haiti as more relief teams begin to land on the small island nation. national day of service. today the country pauses to honor the life of dr. martin luther king junior by taking time to help those in need. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. it is monday, january 18th. howard bernstein has our forecast. >> andrea, we had a decent morning out there. got rid of the rain late. this morning had a lot of clouds and maybe a little fog to the west. mid-30s culpeper. upper 30s in winchester to martinsburg and 40 in southern maryland. we are up to 45. same with frederick. winchester 43.
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martinsburg 38. fredericksburg, right now that's the warm spot as we look toward southern maryland and the eastern shore. they are 46 and as the storm system is leaving we will see a good day today. here's the sun. temperatures will top off in the low to middle 50s. interstate 270, what a difference 30 minutes can make. crews are working hard out there on i-370 to clear the scene. reopened all the lanes of traffic. it is back to 118 germantown road. it is cleared out and the live shot at montgomery village avenue. taking you to the maps, i want you to know about metro with the holiday and everything we are on a modified schedule. riders tack on 40 minutes extra for construction at grovnor. much of the country is preparing to honor the memory of dr. martin luther king
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junior. we have a live look at participants gathered for the mlk peace march. the the procession begins on martin luther king junior avenue in southeast and reaches the covenant baptist church in southwest. this day marks president obama's first martin luther king junior holiday since taking office. on sunday he spoke at a baptist church urging them to take heart in hard times and celebrate progress however small and pushed them to have faith things will get better. >> there was a hope, shared by many that life would be better from the moment i took swore that oath. of course, as we meet here today, one year later, we know the promise of that moment has not yet been fully fulfilled. >> reporter: president obama is asking americans to put partisan politics aside and put service first for the 15th annual national day of service.
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more than 10,000 service projects are scheduled across the country. about 200 here in our region alone. our other top story this morning is the ongoing rescue and relief effort on the small island nation of haiti. it is a race against the clock for rescue workers trying to stay live. late sunday night they received good news. whit johnson has information. >> reporter: after spending six full days trapped under a collapsed supermarket, two survivors were miraculously pulled out alive late last night. >> it is a wonderful night because we worked almost 26 hours straight for those survivors. >> reporter: crews from florida and new york city pulled off the amazing rescue. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: they say the 30- year-old man and 40-year-old woman had been on the store's fourth floor and survived eating food among the debris. the united nations says so far rescue workers have saved more than 70 lives and hope to see
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more happy endings. but the reality is it has been nearly a week since the earthquake rocked haiti. time is running out and patience is wearing thin. after a scuffle broke out at one relief center, volunteers had to lock up supply trucks. a heart breaking scene to so many in need. >> i have never seen anything so devastating and far reaching. >> reporter: former president clinton will see the devastation firsthand today when he tours some of the hardest-hit areas. he eat also meet with haiti's president and relief workers. clinton and former the president bush were asked by the white house to raise money for relief efforts. >> what we want to do is try to increase the help and ensure that it goes to the right places. >> reporter: along with supplies are scores of u.s. troops as many as 12,000 should be in place today distributing aid and clamping down on increasing violence and looting. they'll join forces with local police and u.n. peacekeepers
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trying to make sure everyone who needs help is getting it. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. this morning i interviewed lieutenant commander, a neurologist from bethesda, maryland who was born in haiti. he is on the u.s. comfort heading back to his homeland to help in this mission. we are joined from the usns comfort ship. thank you for speaking with us. testimony us what you know about the fate of your family members in haiti, those who are still there. >> well, my family members, my close family members are actually all doing well right now. i have aunt and uncle who i am very close to who were in buildings that were shattered during the earthquake but they live outside of port-au-prince. i have a cousin who took a few days for us to find her and
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when we found her she was found under the rubble, brick and other things like that and pulled out. but when they pulled her out, although she was stuck she was not harmed, not physically harmed. so we are happy habit that. >> this mission is very personal for you. talk about what you are going to be doing. you are a neurologist. >> i'm here basically to address any head injuries someone may have, any problems with nerves, muscles, spinal cord, a lot of people have confusion so i will be able to address those issues down there. >> reporter: talk to us about the complications this mission proposes versus one where the comfort is deployed during a war-time situation. >> well, the potential
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complications, we are going to an area we really don't know what to expect. i know the media has been doing a lot of coverage and showing us what is happening but we really don't know what will be happening when we get there. what i can say is we have a dedicated crew. we are representing the united states of america and they are all ready to take on whatever we find when we get there. >> i understand along with traumatic injuries you could be helping with delivering new babies, as well. >> absolutely. that's a possibility. i personally wouldn't be doing that. that is ob-gyn on board. i will leave that to them. but definitely i can assist with infection, dehydration, kidney failure. we have machines on board ready to take that on. we're really ready for as much as we can. >> when do we expect the comfort to arrive in haiti? a lot of people are frustrated
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and we hear there is violence because people are desperate for medical help, water, food, other supplies. when will the ship arrive and start to aid in the medical needs of the people there? >> absolutely. the targeted date, we believe should be getting there by thursday. but one of the things to keep in mind is although we are going there to help the people of haiti we have to be safe yourself ourselves. if we are there and not in physical health we are not as much help to the people of haiti so we have to get there safely. >> reporter: how many people will you be able to take on the comfort to help with whatever the medical needs are? >> we have 1,000 beds ready. icu, ward beds, clinics. we can have 1,000 beds and we expect to take care thousands and thousands of patients while we are down there.
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>> way want to thank you for speaking with 9 news and 9 news now scott broom is also traveling aboard the comfort and we will have his reports throughout the week. to learn how you can help, go to a. we are have links on click on the banner at the top of the home page. we'll be right back.
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voters go to the polls tomorrow in massachusetts in a race that seemed to be a shoe
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in a few weeks ago. we have talking about the u.s. senate race pitting cokely and brown. she was up a little while ago by several percentage points and down by four. the president and other top democrats are going to massachusetts. how important is it to him that she wins. >> the fact that she went shows how important it is. the this is a very big fete and it won't be death to the obama administration but a serious blow. >> reporter: talk about the candidate, scott brown. people like the idea of entitlement in this case. >> scott brown is an interesting candidate. he benefited from a number of
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things. there's national angst about the economy. massachusetts is no different and he's tapped in to that. he is an intelligent and atracktive candidate which to some people makes a big difference and there is a libertarian candidate running in massachusetts that happens to be named kennedy and what we found in previous elections is that sometimes in elections there's a small segment of people that will vote for kennedy and think it is connected to the kennedy family we know of. that could potentially be aable as well. >> talk about the president's handling of his first international disaster response. how is he doing as far as responding to the needs of haiti. >> it is still early to tell. he learned some of the lessons that president bush did not learn and that is quick, divisive action, showing engagement, being involved an showing the american people
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that he cares and is involved. there won't be pictures of him flying over haiti in a plane looking down on the scene. he is dopplerly getting involved and i think he will be commended. >> reporter: in the speech to the congregants at the baptist churr he told them to have faith that things will gert better. looking at his first year, do you have faith things will get better. >> faith is all you can have. because you don't have results. it is still early. i think what he is saying -- what he should be saying is we need patience. it took years to get in the position it is in and won't be turned around immediately. he needs to talk about patience. i understand he was in a church. but faith coupled with patience is the way to go. >> let's go to howard with an update on the forecast. >> looking good. we are clearing outside now. the mountains are holding on to clouds but it will be a day with above average temperatures in the low to mid-50s.
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tomorrow near 50 with a few more clouds in the afternoon. tomorrow night rain and snow showers are possible with a front that cools down to the middle 40s on wednesday. still this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny. we are already there. 50 to 55 with a northwest wind five to 15 an breezy at times. clear to partly cloudy. low in the 30s. and then for your tuesday, partly to mostly cloudy, higher near 50. we have temperatures in the mid- 40s in town. upper 40s to the south in fredericksburg. 44 winchester, hagerstown. 41 in easton. 49 charlottesville and still holding on to clouds and fog and a temperature of 32 in garrett county. with that 45, the winds northwest at 17, gusting 23, 24 miles an hour. the wind chills in this 30s this morning and the barometer is rising as the storm system exits and high pressure slowly builds in. it is the storm out west that will keep us mild. from the west coast gets
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hammered like they are getting that cold air in canada and we donnell get too cold and for january we're not. we are seeing nice temperatures across much of the country. there's the storm now. look at the snow in maine and new england. with the northwesterly winds, cold air, we are still mild. not going to feel that. late this afternoon, the front in the great lakes. tomorrow morning it is pushing through buffalo and through columbus. that gets through tomorrow night and bringing us a threat of rain and snow showers. here's the seven-day forecast. 53 today. 49 tomorrow. tomorrow night we have a rain or snow shower. looking cooler on wednesday and thursday. and by friday a cold rain. 40 degrees and better for saturday, highs in the upper 40s. stick around. more 9 news now at 9:00 right after this. when i really need to get to sleep,
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i trust unisom. i fall asleep fast and have a full night of restful sleep. morning class. unisom. good night. good morning. soup's on. we have great ideas to warm you up during the long cold winter. welcome back. soup sounds great. >> very much. you know, being cold, something very warm and comforting. we have a smoked tomato soup with fen. >> just smelling the ingredients and the ingredients smell great. i will just eat these.
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>> and some paninis go nice. a soup/sandwich type of thing and showing how you can make it with hordeuvres. >> start off with olive oil and add celery. >> a neat thing with these vegetables up front. >> a little celery. these are the harder vegetables. they are going to sweat. it is a pure ray simple type of soup. simmer it and then once it simmers for a half hour, all the flavors come together and then add a little garlic. >> that's just tomato. >> yeah, a roasted tomato oar used the canned tomato, you don't have to roast it or put it in the oven for 20 minutes to bring out more sweetness and flavor and cook it a little bit. and then i'm adding a little fresh basil. >> one of my favorites.
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>> once this has sweated, we will add -- what we add as the vegetables sweat. >> what does that do. >> bringing out the flavors and cooking the harder vegetables, caramelizes them a little bit and brings out the sugars. >> makes them less tough also. >> and then i added a vegetable broth. you can add chicken or vegetable broth. i am adding liquid smoke. someone at home play not have the ability to smoke the tomatoes like we have. finish with a little cream and then put it in to the blender and blend it up and ready to serve it if you want and what we did here is we kind of put them in to a soup sift type of the thing and drizzled basil and pesto. >> tell us about the paninis
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you are making it. >> is a basically a grilled cheese. grilled the panini, and brushed with olive oil and smoked go da with capicolla. and grilled apple and b are ie. and. >> you have an event coming up for the crowd. >> that's right. next wednesday, january 20th. from 11:00 to 12:00. peggy fox and myself are going to host this at rsvp. we will do a panini with a soup. ramen noodle soup. >> kind of for kids. >> we will have the information on our website at greg? >> thank you very much. >> thank you. rsvp catering thing you can get the information about the wednesday meetup on you know it might be the
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middle of winter but our next guest says now is the time to start thinking of summer camp for your child. the publisher of washington family magazine is in the spotlight this morning. thank you for coming today. what are the benefits of camp? if parents haven't sent their kids off to camp yet or their kids are too little to go, what are the benefits. >> it is huge. they can focus on things they are interested in and not only enhance what they are interested in already but learn whether they are interested. camp is a great place to experiment and try out those things they may want to try out. >> should you go for a specialized camp or a camp that has everything. >> that depends on your child. it also depends where they are. if they have developed an interest, they are a dynamic soccer player they need to go to a soccer camp but if they are just getting in to it. maybe going to overnight camp for the first time, maybe they need to go to a camp that has everything and they can kind of
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try that out. >> how about buddy or not with a buddy. >> there are two camps on that. there are those that say yes i do it and one that says no, i don't. one of the advantages of not sending them with a buddy is their chance to be no. no one has known them or experimented with them before. they have never had an experience like this and they can try on a new personality. >> cool. you mentioned before we started that if a friend gets home sick your child may get home sick, too and pick up on the vibes. >> oh, definitely they play on each other as we all know and that brings up something about home sickness. think of it before they go. >> what other consideration, we have graphics on the screen. >> first day camp or overnight camp. that is primarily your child and think of your child and how comfortable they are. how far do you want them to go. i had a child where i we put them on a plane and they flew
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away. you may not be comfortable with that. so you have to think of that before you look at camps. what age group, their interest, do they have a particular interest. coed or same sex. sometimes that is your decision instead of what is important to them. we all know that camps can range dramatically so what is your budget. >> camp fair, bring a list of questions and the directors will be there and we have a list on-line. >> great. washington family magazine the most comprehensive source for camps. thank you so much, back after this. it's three days like you've never experienced.
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we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago. well that's great. you haven't seen him... my other can is ringing. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. - ( alarm clocks ringing ) - the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're as nutritious as fresh. ho ho ho. ♪ green giant we are looking better outside. a little sunshine right now. in the 50s today. average highs 42. we will take that. tomorrow 49 a rain shower or flurry by tuesday night, wednesday morning. cooler on wednesday and
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thursday. kind of yucky on friday. >> advanced degree he got to say that. that's it for us for 9 news now at 9:00 a.m. j.c. and howard will be back at noon. have a great day and we will see you tomorrow.
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